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26 Kristin Doner [Edit]United StatesUnique handbuilding methods and forms, and Raku.
Source Kristin Doner City: Oakland Address: 5733 San Leandro Street, #3A Oakland, CA 94621

"Kristin Doner presents her contemporary handbuilt raku vessels, and offers extensive information including step by step photos of her pinchpot process, as well as interesting articles..

27 Lakeside Pottery [Edit]United StatesEmailCeramicsRaku, functional pottery, sculpting, hand building
Source Lakeside Pottery City: Stamford Address: 543 Newfield Avenue, Stamford CT Postcode: 06905 Phone: 203-323-2222 Expositions: Several

Lakeside Pottery is a ceramic art educational resource for the community working with clay. We seek to inspire creativity, foster self-discovery, and nurture an appreciation for lifelong learning through our programs, special events and access to our studio and gallery

28 Lauren Bellero, Mudslingers Pottery [Edit]United StatesEmailCeramicspit fire
Source Lauren Bellero City: Red Bank, NJ Address: 39 Leroy Place Postcode: 07701 Phone: 001732.747.4853

For me, there is immense pleasure, excitement and serenity in creating with clay. My hope is to pass on a simple pleasure to those who also feel drawn to this ancient and inviting connection to the earth. Using a variety of decorating and firing techniques, I create hand-built and wheel-thrown stoneware pottery with reckless abandon! The result is one-of-a-kind decorative and functional pieces.

29 Oliver Lin [Edit]United StatesCursive and semi-cursive Chinese calligraphy.
Source Oliver Lin City: Cerritos, California Address: Cerritos, California

"A unique combination works of high temperature firing ceramics with classic Chinese calligraphy written with glazes."

30 Raku Pottery Dave & Boni Deal [Edit]United StatesPotteryLarge Raku with unique surface design
Source Dave & Boni Deal City: Washington Address: 5839 NE Lessard Road Camas, WA 98607

"Raku pottery by Dave and Boni Deal of Washington State, USA."

31 Robert Compton Pottery [Edit]United StatesCeramicsThe primary speciality of our studio varies from y
Source Robert Compton City: Bristol Address: 2662 North 116 Road, Bristol, Vermont USA 05443

"Robert Compton, a potter for over 30 years working in multi firing methods including wood, salt, raku, pit and reduction stoneware. Work includes water sculptures and ceramic aquariums as well as functional stoneware."

32 Ron Mello [Edit]United StatesCeramicsRaku fired vessels.
Source Ron Mello City: Middleboro, MA., Address: 8 Joseph Robert Lane,Middleboro, MA.,

"Raku vessels and high fired functional stoneware and porcelain."

33 Sandra Zeiset Richardson [Edit]United StatesCeramicsVessels that are figurative narrative in nature
Source Sandra Zeiset Richardson City: Seattle, Washington

One of a kind ceramic sculpture,tiles, and vessels that are figurative narrative in nature.

34 Terry Hagiwara [Edit]United StatesRaku
Source Terry Hagiwara City: Houston Address: 9415 Bassoon Drive, Houston, TX 77025,

"Clayart in South-West Orient flavor, thrown or hand-build, raku or high-fired. My Rakus in jade-finish (without glaze), B&W, B-on-B.

35 The Ceramic Masks of Peggy Bjerkan [Edit]United StatesCeramicsContemporary ideas and images in clay.
Source Peggy Bjerkan City: St. Helena, Ca. Address: 925 Allison Ave.St. Helena, Ca.

"Ceramic and mixed media masks and sculpture."

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