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1 Kimberly Willox (!) [Edit]United StatesSculpture
2 Susan Gott (!) [Edit]United StatesSculpture
3 Anagama Mama [Edit]United StatesEmailCeramicsWheel made utilitarian vessels.
Source Anagama Mama City: San Francisco. Address: Ruby's Clay Studio, 552A Noe Street, San Francisco. Postcode: 94114

"This site shows photographs of pottery and the wood fire kilns where I have been firing. Text describes my philososphy about making pottery.

4 Andy Goldschmidt, sculptural ceramics [Edit]United StatesCeramicsVessels, sculpture, plaques and menorahs.
Address: PO Box 1812 Corrales, NM 87048

"My ceramics are intent on finding connections between times and places, between peoples and cultures and in the timeless metaphors of the vessel and sculpture as the embodiment of man."

5 Angela Smith [Edit]United StatesCeramicsClay, silk and lifecasting
Source Angela Smith City: Raleigh, North Carolina Address: 5212 Carter Street Raleigh, North Carolina

"My website hosts an array of my productions. I like to work in different mediums, but my main interest is sculpture. I have many ways of exploring this medium and have used clay, wire, silver, lifecasting and other materials to express myself in this area. My Peruvian background, my interested in alchemy and eastern philosophy add to the many aspects of my thinking and renditions."

6 Anji's Warez [Edit]United StatesTheapots and vessels
Source Anji Henderson City: Bethesda, MD Address: Bethesda, MD

"I have worked in many mediums, painted on everything, worked with metal, wood, printing, and I have found a connection, a serenity in pottery."

7 Bennett Bean [Edit]United StatesCeramicsCereramic vessels
Source Bennett Bean City: Blairstown Address: 357 RT661 Blairstown NJ 07825

"The only place where the full variety of Bennett Bean's work can be seen. Ceramics, rugs, the odd tool, etc."

8 Bulldog Pottery [Edit]United StatesCeramics
9 Ceramics By Leib [Edit]United StatesCeramicsRAKU-fired and modified jewelry (pins and pendants
Source Leib City: New York Address: 373 Ackert Hook Road, Rhinebeck, NY 12572

"Mostly RAKU-fired work. I took a workshop in it several years ago and was so excited by the serendipity of the process, that's all I want to do these days. However, I also do some whimsical stoneware 'critters with an attitude' that I work on while attending craftshows. I do platters, bowls, vases, and RAKU-fired and modified jewelry (pins and pendants) .

10 Coral Dalton Designs [Edit]United StatesUnglazed high fired porcelain sculpture of fish an
Source City: New York Address: 9746 Lakeshore Road Angola, New York 14006

"Porcelain sculpture and mixed media artworks."

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